Intercultural Training and Coaching

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Real World Solutions provides practical training and coaching in intercultural awareness and competence for professionals and organizations in business, health care, education, and community services.

Impact of Cultures

In our interconnected world, we interact with people from different cultures on a daily basis. Assumptions are made interpreting comments, reactions and behaviors. The result is often miscommunication because of a culture difference. These miscommunications can be extremely costly to organizations and relationships. 

Our Process

More Than Training: Skills Development

More than just a training program, Real World Solutions utilizes a proven process of comprehensive skills development to help you move from cultural awareness to cultural competence.

Creating Your Cultural Tool Kit

Anytime we are presented with a cultural challenge, we reach into our pool of resources – our tool kit –  to tailor the content and format to each client. Select the countries you want to focus on and we'll help you design your cultural tool kit based on what services, assessments and training tools are most appropriate.


"Our tool kit teaches more than "what" to do in a set number of circumstances; it provides the “why” behind cultural behavior so you can respond appropriately in any circumstance."

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Our Experts

We have real world experience using intercultural competence in international business, academic instruction, seminar facilitation, executive coaching and human resource management. We have demonstrated success in leading multi-cultural teams, analyzing and directing international operations, and managing high level performance.  We want to help you “work better together” with employees, customers, vendors, clients and patients. Your bottom line – is our bottom line. 

Our Clients

Our clients speak for themselves.