International Student Certificate

International students who come to the US to study often face the same challenges as American students studying abroad. They may need help in cross-cultural awareness for their stay in the United States. Much like the Study Abroad Certificate - the International Student Certificate can be customized to the adjustment to US culture and offered to international students. 

The RWS International Student Certificate can be customized to the particular country and situation. 

Unique elements of the  International Student Certificate:

  • It is built upon a successful intercultural training program that moves participants from awareness to competency and provides a proprietary “tool kit” for them to use throughout their experience abroad.
  • It includes the CCAI – a nationally-used measure that lets individuals know where they might need special awareness training – and the online program is customized to each individual’s needs.
  • It is a US-specific program that makes it directly relevant to international students studying in the US.
  • It is an active program that includes monitored peer discussions. Students will learn from each other as well as learning from the exercises, which satisfies the best pedagogical techniques.

Outcomes of the program:

  • Students will increase the success of their studies and have an “enhanced safe experience and leave a positive image” (ESLPI).
  • Students will enhance their academic success by increasing their adaptability to the US culture.
  • Students will be able to use this certificate as they enter the workplace because businesses and other organizations are using this program to gain certificates for their employees. Our students will have an advantage.


  • Quantitative Measures - Basement measurements of liability costs/occurrences, academic performance, retention rates (vs. Drop out)
  • Qualitative Measures – Student evaluations (see examples)