Online Courses

Train online. Interact interculturally. 

Often your interactions are globally or locally dispersed, and individuals in different locations need to prepare for intercultural interaction in many geographical areas. Our online courses allow the same "in-person" content to be available to different sites and individuals: students preparing to study or work abroad; business personnel in global assignments; or country-based employees dealing with diverse constituencies. The same tool kit and four components are available: Awareness, Self-Assessment, Development of Knowledge and Application.

Unique elements of the RWS Online Courses:

  • Exercise-based for active work on skills and knowledge.
  • Self-assessment of skill strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Discussion sessions so you will put your growing knowledge to work.
  • Customized for your industry: business, healthcare, education, humanitarian, and more.
  • Customized for your intercultural interactions.
  • Competency-based, you proceed when you succeed.
  • Certificate of Completion awarded at the end.