Community Services Market

Cultural Challenges

In many communities, the needs of different populations are recognized but resources being limited, the capability to address these needs is stretched to the limit. Organizations that offer services to diverse populations - including non-profits, state and local governmental agencies - struggle with communication barriers across nationality, ethnicity, age and other cultures. Service delivery takes too much time and money, and frustrated service providers feel less than effective in improving the situations of their constituents.

Real World Solutions

Our programs offer professional guidance for community service employees, managers and leaders to increase the levels of multicultural awareness and competence among the ranks of those who deal with multicultural constituencies.

Real World Solutions tailors practical tools for each community to focus on the positive aspects of interaction and understanding. Cultural diversity - when managed competently - can positively enhance understanding in communities and help individuals recognize that change is not to be feared but to be given space and attention to evolve.

The opportunity to learn about cultural differences and develop effective approaches to managing them improves communication and builds trust within the work setting and with targeted client groups. The RWS tool kit leads to optimum understanding, cost-efficiency and productivity.

The RWS tool kit:

  • Helps community service professionals succeed in working with culturally diverse partners, constituents and colleagues.
  • Gives community service professionals a framework for understanding their own cultures as a critical baseline from which to learn about and appreciate other cultures.
  • Promotes an understanding of the difference between cultural generalizations and cultural stereotypes, thereby defusing intergroup tensions and conflicts.
  • Provides practice operating in real world scenarios involving community service issues and challenges.
  • Supports organizational initiatives to recruit, train, evaluate and retain culturally diverse employees and volunteers.